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Ocean Cloud stands for “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Quality warranty guaranteed on the product being shipped.
For you, it is important that your product is delivered to your desired destination with the utmost care and promptness.
For us, it is important that you look back on our services with complete satisfaction and continue to choose Ocean Cloud with confidence.
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Our branches are strategically located

Ocean Cloud Logistics GmbH Dasshorst 8 46499 Hamminkeln Germany +49-172-1068661
Ocean Cloud Logistics GmbH Am neuen Sportplatz 2 27449 Kutenholz-Mulsum Germany +49-4762-1848210

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Available and Deployable 24/7

The range of shipped products requires a diverse fleet of vehicles with specific features.
The Ocean Cloud fleet comes with the most up-to-date technology available, to ensure the quality of the shipped products and overall smooth-flowing transportation. We understand that temperature control is very important in order to preserve the quality of your product, and we even provide you with the option of heating the product.
If so desired, you can choose to deploy a tanker fitted with a frequency-controlled electric pump, a Unibloc pump, to deliver high viscosity products without any complications.
Our food tank trailers are fitted with a sterile filter as well as the option of a micron filter. This means your product can be loaded and delivered STERILE according to your specific needs.
Our trucks come with a compressor that is powered by an external energy source so that your product can be unloaded via compressed air, if necessary.
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