Ocean Cloud Group

Fahrenheit Forwarding BV, Ocean Cloud BV, Celsius Tank Cleaning, Celsius Truck & Trailer Service BV & Youngblood Holding BV are members of Ocean Cloud Group, with its head office in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. They have proven themselves for years in supply chain management, specialized in liquid foodstuffs throughout Europe. Impressive autonomous growth has led to the company experiencing rapid expansion over the past years.
The total fleet now consists of 80 trucks and 120 foodstuff tankers.

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Rental & Leasing
Ocean Cloud has a representative fleet of hire and lease trucks & trailers.

Ocean Cloud BV
Kerrestraat 36
3990 Peer

Central Phone
+32(0)11 185188

Fahrenheit Forwarding was established in January 2018 and is member of Ocean Cloud Group. In the relatively short time since its foundation the company has become a prosperous concern. The success of the company is by and large the result of the commitment and knowledge of the people who are employed at Ocean Cloud Group.

Fahrenheit Forwarding BV
Portugalweg 6
4455 TZ  Nieuwdorp
The Netherlands

24/7 Central Phone
+31(0)118 820222


Maintenance, Clean, Repair, Store. 24/7 Tires service 

Celsius Truck & Trailer Service BV
Andorraweg 7
Port Nr: 1147
4389 PG Ritthem
The Netherlands

Central Phone
Phone: +31(0)118 820103

Celsius food grade Tank Cleaning facilities in Vlissingen and Beringe were developed to give complete control of the quality of cleaning for our fleet of tankers and containers.

Celsius Tank Wash Beringe
Biesen 4
5986 PC Beringe (Venlo)
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)77 8200440

Celsius Tank Wash Vlissingen
Marie Curieweg 5A
4389 WB Ritthem (Vlissingen)
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)85 2733082

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